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love and mettafind

This is MettaFind.  Love's final destination. 


This is where Love finds a Way.


we curate matches, we are not a dating app. You will not swipe left or right, hoping that someone you swiped will swipe you back.

At MettaFind, we don't require you to fill out lengthy and complex personal information just to feed it to a computer and get "matched" with someone who is clearly not suitable for you.

Mettafind is different. 

MettaFind has created a collection of prompts and questions carefully designed to capture the real you. 

We coax out even the most minor details within a matrix of the you who is the real you.

we've developed the ability to read between the lines and ask the right questions to uncover your authentic preferences.


what do WE do?

We create a PROFILE containing all your information and use it to get to know you better.

After analyzing you, we search for another member who IS compatible based on their PROFILE. 

then, WE schedule separate interviews with EACH OF YOU to discuss specific details, and really dig in deep.  If the match IS promising, we arrange a meet-up according to your preferences.

We work to lose our clients!  


You read that right.  We work to lose clients to the love experience.  That works for us, because when you tell your friends that Mettafind found you love, they will come to us for help as well. 


We lose clients and gain referrals.  

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Sandy Beach

"Metta is a wish for happiness—for true happiness"

—the Buddha

 a universal love.

As a result of metta, one can experience joy, a true happiness in the self, and in another's happiness.

MettaFind couple kissing
My Approach
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